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King Preferred
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Gourmet Pound Cake Mixes by King Preferred

About Us

Our Mission
To take the labor and preparation out of cooking so that one can spend more time enjoying their family and friends.

Our History
Having a love for cooking encouraged me to convert the time spent preparing homemade recipes into a quick mix that has the same baking time, but taste as if it were made with love from grandma.

Milk, eggs, butter, water, sugar and a box of your favorite King Preferred baking mix are the only ingredients needed to complete a timeless dessert tradition.

Everyone knows that I love to cook!...And that I love to eat!...I look for an excuse to host and entertain my family and friends. Where did the inspiration of cooking come from?

Always being in the kitchen with my Aunt Sadie watching how she always prepared her dinners and desserts for guest. She Baked everything, the guest just needed to show up and enjoy themselves. She had a signature dish for everything, one of everyone favorites was the Cream cheese pound cake. Not everyone wants to be or spend time in the kitchen. The desserts mixes are ideal for the one who can prepare their cake in 5 minutes and still spend time with family and friends.

Here are the different variations how I like my cream cheese pound cake and bread pudding served. Warm! I love all of my desserts served WARM! I love my cream cheese pound cake warm covered with sweet juicy strawberries and topped with a dab of whipped cream. During holidays I prefer it with custard.

For the one who wants home away from home
The chocolate cream cheese cake with warm chocolate sauce or ganache. Sprinkled nuts on top. A strawberry for an edible garnish. And don't forget a cup of black coffee

For the one who like to entertain
Yes! I also love the bread pudding warm also with little or no raisins smothered with a warm vanilla sauce. I prefer it with a bourbon sauce, but I seldom have it on hand. (smile)

For the one who has a delicatessen taste
Do I have a favorite? Of course I do. Its the bread pudding mix. This one takes my breath away. I love the smell of all the blended spices baking together, creating the flavor of comfort to soothe your appetite.

Enjoy and take care.


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